Safety, Health &

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Establish and maintain a framework for a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and minimize our impact on the environment,
  • Outline expectations relative to compliance with governing occupational safety, health and environmental legislation.

Objective − Our ultimate goals are simple and are derived from Nomfundo Exploration & Consulting (Pty) Ltd's.

Core Values − Prevent work-related injuries or illnesses, Prevent damage to property and/or equipment from our activities, & Prevent adverse impacts to the environment from our ongoing projects or operations

This policy is to be displayed prominently in all permanent and temporary offices of Nomfundo Exploration & Consulting (Pty) Ltd where employee information is normally communicated. An electronic version will also be posted on the Nomfundo Exploration & Consulting (Pty) Ltd intranet.

A copy of this policy will be provided to entities working for, or on behalf of, Nomfundo Exploration & Consulting (Pty) Ltd and will also be made available to other stakeholders upon request.
In order to guide the implementation efforts required by this policy, the Group Chief Executives, Business Line Leaders and Regional Leaders will collaborate to establish Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) programs that:

  • Comply with all applicable safety, health and environmental rules and regulations at the local, state, provincial and national level
  • Meet client requirements
  • Where no specific regulation exists, comply with Nomfundo Exploration & Consulting (Pty) Ltd standards and appropriate industry practices
  • Report on performance relative to short- and long-term SH&E metrics designed to help achieve established goals
  • Recognize those who contribute to their improved SH&E Performance
  • Consult with, listen to, and respond to employees, customers and partners in order to continuously improve their SH&E performance. The establishment of formal SH&E committees, with documented charters, is recognized as an effective tool for this purpose
All employees will be responsible for:

  • Conducting themselves in accordance with directives, standards and procedures established by the applicable SH&E program
  • Temporarily suspending their personal work activities and requesting guidance from their supervisor before continuing a task when they identify a condition or practice that creates a serious safety, health or environmental risk
  • Immediately reporting safety, health and/or environmental incidents to their supervisor.
Nomfundo Exploration & Consulting (Pty) Ltd is committed to protecting the safety and health of our employees and meeting our obligations with respect to the protection of others affected by our activities. We are also committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment in which we operate. We will actively seek to conserve energy, water and natural resources and to recycle and reduce waste where appropriate during the execution of our business activities.

We will be good corporate citizens by striving to ensure that our facilities and operations do not pose unreasonable safety or environmental risks, and by participating in community-related activities that promote excellence in safety, health and environmental practices. In all of our activities we will develop and implement appropriate systems and procedures designed to comply with applicable laws, legislation, licensing requirements and stakeholder expectations. Nomfundo Exploration & Consulting (Pty) Ltd will plan and design its processes, facilities and projects in a manner that reduces risks and impacts during their entire life cycle, consistent with the direction and objectives of our clients.

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